How to 3D print GPX tracks ? can now generate optimized 3D printable models with a track (GPX / KML) 🥳:

  • go to
  • select your GPX or KML file
  • adjust the area selection to your need to click “generate map”
  • then toggle “3D printable” and click “share and download”

For example, if you use Strava, you can get the GPX file from your activities on your account by clicking the button on the top right of the map:

Get GPX file from an activity on Strava

Then just select your file on our 3D map generator to get your activity as a nice 3D model that is optimized for 3D printing

GPX track in 3D

The models you generate on are hollowed out to save material when 3D printing, you can expect them to be 50% to 80% cheaper to print.

Happy (3D)mapping 🏔️ !