Generate 3D maps

Create maps to embed, download or 3D print for private or commercial use.

What can you generate ?

Optimized 3D map models in a self-contained format (GLTF) with commercial-friendly license.

Self-contained models

Our models are generated in the GLTF format, the "JPEG of 3D", they are usable offline and independently of our platform.

You do not depend on a third party service or API keys, they will work forever, even if we disappear.

You can leverage the ecosystem around GLTF to embed them (free wordpress plugin), remix them in a 3D software, use them in Augmented Reality, etc etc...

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Commercial use included

Unlike most of our competitors, our models are made from open data sources with commercial-friendly license, this means that you can use them for anything, you are even allowed to resell 💸 them if you want to.

Depending on the imagery source, you might need to attribute the imagery source somewhere when you reuse the 3d model.

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Optimized & lightweight

Our models are generated using a Triangulated irregular network mesh that makes them more lightweight and efficient to display.

For 3D printing, models can be hollowed out to save material (70% cheaper to print).

Model hollowed out

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