Why are you building this service ?

Google Earth, Cesium, Mapbox GL JS are great services, but you can't simply render a specific part of a map that is self-contained and doesn't need external data and heavy client side rendering engine.

The model wasn't what I expected, how can I get a refund ?

Contact me via email at thibault@maps3d.io and I'll refund you, no question asked.

What is the glTF format ?

Learn more with this article on the blog: What is the glTF format and what can I do with it ?

Can I 3D print the map?

Yes, you can generate optimized 3d printable models, read more on the blog How to 3d print maps ?

What is the license of the models generated ?

The license of the model depends on the imagery used to generated it,all the sources of imagery on maps3d.io are Open Data with right to reuse for any purpose (including commercialy)

You can see the full list below, most of them requires you attribution, you will need to mention the imagery source somewhere when you reuse the 3d model.

Where does the data comes from ?

The satellite / aerial imagery is coming from:

The elevation data is coming from

How can I know when you release new features ?

You can subscribe to the newsletter:

How can I contact you ?

You can drop me a line on twitter at @tibbb , or via email at thibault@maps3d.io

If you want to build a custom visualization / app / service around the same technology you can reach me out. I am freelancing.


I was inspired by the visualizations done by Geotrek, but I built a lightweight alternative.