Why are you building this service ?

I do a lot of hikes, and i want to build a mobile app were I can download a 3D map offline to take it with me on my hikes

Google Earth, Cesium are great services, but you can't simply embed a part of it and download it for offline use.

I'm working on a mobile app that will enable us to download the 3d maps generated on maps3d.io .

Will the app be free ?

No, but i'm thinking about a fair pricing. If this service gets popular I'll have to pay for satellite tiles and server CPU / Bandwidth.

Will you add feature X ?

I want to keep this service as simple as possible, but if you want to build a custom visualization / app / service around the same technology you can reach me out at: http://www.thibault-durand.fr/ , I'm freelancing.

How can I contact you ?

You can drop me a line on twitter at @tibbb , or via email at [email protected]

How can I know when you release new features ?

You can subscribe to the newsletter:

Where the data comes from ?

The satellite data is coming from Mapbox and the elevation data from Mapbox

What 3D engine is it using ?

It uses Babylon.js which is a JS framework on top of WebGL.


I was inspired by the visualizations done by Geotrek, but I built a lightweight alternative.